How to Cope with the Scorching Summer

ssu During the summer months, sometimes the temperature gets really high and it becomes tough to face the sun during the daytime.

Many people suffer from sunstroke and dehydration during the summer. Especially when you don’t follow the basic rules during those hot months, you are more likely to suffer from those diseases.

So, you must follow certain basic things to protect yourself from the scorching sun and its harmful effects. If you are not aware of those things, you should learn them as soon as possible for your own safety. Here are some very useful tips on how to cope with the hot summer. Check out the details and follow the suggestions to remain fit during the summer.

1. To protect yourself from sunstroke, you have to wear full sleeve dresses and sun glasses. Also use an umbrella to protect your head from the direct sun. You must also carry a bottle of water with while traveling. If you feel weak in the sun, sit down in a shade and wash your face and ears with the water and also drink it. Take rest for sometime and you will feel much better.

2. Drink lots and lots of water during the summer. Try to drink at least 3-4 litters of water so that you don’t suffer from dehydration. If possible, try to add a pinch of salt and sugar in your drinking water. Water alone can solve hundreds of diseases.

3. Try to avoid rich food items such as red meat and other foods that contain high percentage of fat and oil. Stick to plain and simple foods, made at home. Thus you will be able to digest those preparations quickly and easily.

4. Take bath at least twice in a day; once in the morning and again the evening before going to bed. It will help you feel comfortable and cool.


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