How to cope with miscarriage

mca There are many medical reasons for miscarriage. Research shows that about 10-25 % of pregnancies may end up in Spontaneous abortion (SAB).

There are a number of reasons why miscarriages occur. Chromosomal aberrations in the fetus, hormonal imbalance, lifestyle issues like excessive smoking, drug use, etc can also lead to miscarriage.

To cope with a miscarriage, the woman must take ample bed rest. Doctors prescribe a string of much-needed medication in such cases and the medicines should be religiously taking. Leaving a medicine-dose half-way may pose serious and irreparable damage.

Other than medication and rest, the woman who has miscarried must take nutritious food. Most important of all things however is to cope with the emotional stress and trauma that occurs after a miscarriage. She should get support from her family and be looked after well. A change of location also helps to cope with the loss in such situations.

Several other medical reasons behind a miscarriage include the age of the mother. Older women generally face a problem in conceiving and so extra medical attention is required for those who are expecting their first child after the age of 30.

A spontaneous abortion can also occur in case of a sudden emotional shock. For these reasons, it is best to keep the mother-to-be in a safe, happy environment. Any traumatic news should not be broken suddenly to a pregnant woman because this will affect her emotional well-being and in turn, cause a direct danger to the fetus.

To prevent miscarriage, a woman must keep an active life and exercise regularly. She should maintain a balanced diet and eat on time. Stress management is also very important to have a happy pregnancy and the woman must make a conscious effort to inculcate positive thoughts.

Pregnant women should refrain from smoking, drinking and drug abuse. They should regularly take folic acid during the course of the pregnancy.


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