How to cope up with work pressure?

wpr There can be immense pressure at work and one may collapse under the weight of increasing work load. One has to learn to cope with such kind of work pressure. The task may not be as easy as it sounds to be. Nevertheless, it is not impossible.

Read the instructions stated below to have a better insight to deal with increasing office work:

1.    Analyze the reasons behind the increasing workload – whether they are pending work or is it diminished performance at your end, personal problem etc.

2.    Remember to leave your personal problems at the doorstep of the office. Be professional and perform your responsibilities to the best of your ability.

3.    Work on alternatives to resolve these issues. It may involve a bit of introspection and observation of your performance sheet over past couple of days.

4.    Prepare a time table and stick to it. Time management is the key to your problem.

5.    Lay down your priorities related to work. Complete the work which is to be done on an urgent basis. Do the pending work after completing current work. This will ensure that you do not fall short of time to complete the day’s work. Stay back for a couple of hours to complete the backlog.

6.    Observe the way your colleagues do the work. Talk to them as they could suggest some shortcut procedures to get the work done at a faster pace.

7.    Check for any system glitches or errors that affect your performance. Report the same to the concerned department and the get it repaired or replaced.

8.    Curb the time you are spending in idle gossip with your co-workers or reduce the frequency of tea or coffee breaks.

9.    Seek the assistance of seniors on confusing matters which tend to consume much of your time. They may be able to give few tips or advice to go about it.

Bhrat Brij

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