How to control your thoughts

thoughts Constant flow of thoughts exhausts the mind and saps the energy.  It leads to restlessness, irritation and anger.  The mind loses calm, peace and tranquility, and gets bogged down by random unnecessary thoughts.  It is important to get hold of our thoughts.

Controlling the mind needs determination, will power and a conscious effort.  It also needs consistency, so that controlling the mind and thoughts becomes a habit.  Yoga, meditation or concentration exercises can help in controlling your thought process and blocking unwanted thoughts.

Lying down in a calm place and concentrating on your breathing is also relaxing and takes the mind away from issues that haunt it.  You can also visualize flow of water or natural greenery in your mind and cut off from other thoughts.

Repeating chants, mantra or any rhythm can also be helpful.  It could be spiritual chants for claming down the mind or any rhythm that you get engrossed in.  Listening to relaxation music or soul music can also help.

Take an effort to drive out those thoughts. When you find yourself drifting away in thoughts, tell yourself ‘stop’, ‘focus here’ etc and bring back your mind.  Mild self chastising can also help.

Thoughts may start flowing if you are doing a dull or monotonous activity.  Take a break, go out in the fresh air and distract your mind by talking to friends or colleagues.  Or you could think out what is bothering you, and sort it out, so that the thoughts will not come back to you again.

You can write down what is bothering you, or talk to a trusted friend or relative about it.  Vent out your feelings and communicate.  By keeping it to yourself, the thoughts do not find expression or release, and therefore nag at you all the time.  Talking about it may just release the pent up feelings and clear your mind.


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