How To Control Your Dog When Someone Knocks At Your Door

dog Does your dog become out of control seeing any stranger? Do you want to keep your dog normal when any guest knocks at your door or come to you? Well, you can go through the article that would let you understand some useful tips on how to control your dog when somebody knocks at your door.

Actually, dogs get quickly energized when they find someone entering your home and start barking. Sometimes, it may be difficult for you to cope with your dog and this event can make you irritating! Therefore, read the article and find out tips on how to control your dog.

1-    When somebody knocks at your door and you hear the noise of your dog’s barking, you must try to direct the condition not the dog. In fact, if you know earlier that someone is about to visit your home, you can tie your dog with its chain at another place to keep the situation under control.

2-    It’s true when a dog gets over excited; it becomes difficult to control it. In such condition, you must try to carry your dog’s stimulation force down. While coming of any stranger, don’t run towards to door yourself and say somebody to open the door and be with your dog that would control its excitement.

3-    Another tip to control your dog before your guest is to train it on a regular basis. If you command your dog regularly, it would help you control your dog before anyone with ease. It is a good point about dogs that they understand quickly what their masters are saying.

4-    Apart from these tips, you can also play a game with your dog to control it before guest. Just open the door when there is none outside, your dog would run to door and sees none. You can repeat the game over and again to bring this thing into the notice of your dog. Once your dog catches the fact, it won’t run when a stranger knocks at your door!

Well, it’s not a Herculean task to control your dog before guests. Apply these tricks to control your dog with ease!

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