How to Control Pain

pain2 Massage is one of the techniques to control body pain. You will feel pain when the pain signals reach the brain. You can stop or obstruct the path of pain signals through massage before reaching the brain and feel relaxed. This technique is known as gate control theory.

The impulses generated by pain reach the brain after traveling through spinal cord. If you massage that part other impulses also travel through the same path. In this process, both the pulses clogged together during travel and the pain impulses don’t reach the brain. So, we don’t feel pain. Hence, massage is useful to control pain. Massage stimulates natural painkillers in the body. The body produces and releases endorphins to the nervous system and the brain.

Massage helps to relieve you from stiffness, spasm and muscle tension that causes pain. Blood circulation is not proper in tense muscles and they don’t get oxygen properly. Massage helps to provide oxygen to tense muscles through improved blood circulation.

Your pain gets reduced when muscles are relaxed. It also helps to relieve from anxiety and mental stress. An hour-long massage would provide much needed relaxation. Of course, massage for as little as one minute also provides relaxation to some extent.

Massage helps to eliminate pain originated from muscle tension in shoulder, neck, back and head. It also relieves pain related to injuries, arthritis or the surgery performed recently.

Therapists perform various types of massages.

Shaking or Vibration

The people, who suffer from low back pain, should undergo this treatment. The therapist shakes the patient several seconds by pressing on the limbs or back or hands. It improves circulation.


In this technique, the therapist applies strokes near the bony areas and joints. It helps to have flexible joints and muscles.


In this technique, the therapist applies gliding and long strokes from the shoulder to fingertips and from neck to spine. The strokes are directed towards the heart after completing on limbs to improve blood circulation.
Other Swedish massage techniques include Petrissage and Tapotement.
The ayurvedic massage being offered in Kerala follows a different method. It involves some nudity. Kerala’s Ayurvedic massage is said to be very effective. They apply oil to various parts of the body during massage.


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