How to Control Obesity

o Obesity is a big problem but it is a problem that can be solved. All we need to do is to follow some simple steps.

Our life style and eating habits also contribute in worsening the condition.

That is why it can be said to be a lifestyle disease. Here are a few tips that will help you control your obesity and save you from other illnesses.

Change in Diet

Diet plays an important role in controlling obesity. You have to make sure that your diet is balanced. You do to have to exclude fatty food but it would be better if you can curtail their intake. Eat as much green vegetables as possible.

Include fruits, grains, and edibles with fibers. You can also seek the suggestion of an expert dietician. If you are already suffering from obesity then you will also have to check your sugar and carbohydrate intake. Please keep aside that packet of chips.

No Fasting

Fasting will not help you in controlling obesity. When we fast our body tends to get dehydrated because we lose water. This will only weaken you. You would not like to increase your problems.

Regular Exercise

This is a must. You should make it a point to spend some time in doing exercise of some kind. It would be better if you can join a gym. The more you work out the more opportunity you will give your body to burn the extra fat.

During exercise you will lose calories and this is good. If you cannot join a gym then don’t worry walking for half an hour everyday will also do. Just make sure that you do this seriously and regularly.


You should not expect the weight to decrease overnight. It will take some time but be patient, if you follow a routine life then you will definitely see the results. Do not get depressed. Do not rush yourself and join an institution that promises to reduce fat within a particular deadline.

Medical Help

Make an appointment with the doctor and see if there are any medicines that might help you in your effort. Due to the social stigma that is attached to obesity you might also need to go for a psychological session. A counseling session will also help you to check any sign of depression. Be positive.

Stay focused and pay attention to your diet and you will definitely see result. It is a disease and like all other diseases it is curable.


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