How to Control High Blood Pressure

bpa Hypertension or high blood pressure as most of us know, is a silent killer and often leads to various heart diseases.

If high blood pressure goes undetected, it can also lead to heart attack, kidney failure or stroke. So what is the normal blood pressure range? Experts say it should be 140/90 mm hg at rest. Here are some tips to keep your blood pressure in control.

1. Control your weight: Being overweight or obese is one of the major reasons of high BP. Weight of your body depends on your height. Measure your weight from time to time and make sure it’s within the safe range.

If not, make sure you take necessary steps to reduce your weight. Please note that reducing your food intake might not be the right way to do it. However you should ensure that you consume right amount of food according to your age. You might want to consult your nutritionist to get a proper food chart to follow.

Cut down on oily/fried food stuffs as they contain unsaturated folic acids and take a lot of time to get digested which in turn leads to unnecessary fat accumulation in your body. Don’t skip meals; rather have light meals at regular intervals.

Another great way to reduce weight is to exercise daily. Wake up early in the morning and do some yoga or else you might walk for an hour. In office you should take the stairs sometimes in stead of using the lift.

2. Keep yourself stress free: Modern day lifestyle often leads to a lot of stress. The work pressure at office, where you need to maintain the strict delivery dates, is the major cause of increasing stress level in our lives.

This leads to interpersonal conflict, burnout and tiredness. Hence keep your expectations realistic, reduce workload, relax at work and maintain a hobby outside your work, meditate in the morning and chill out at weekends.

3 Say no to smoking and excessive drinking: we all know the ill effects of smoking and yet many of us are not able to get rid of this deadly addiction. Smoking and drinking have direct influence in increasing blood pressure. Quit the habit and live a healthy life.


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