How to control hair fall

hf Hair is one of the most beautiful parts of our body. Beautiful hair can make a simple looking person also beautiful.

Normally girls are more concern about hair styling. Normal growth of hair is more in case of fairer sex. Now-a-days men are also quite conscious about their hair styling.

The most common problem people face regarding their hair is unwanted excessive hair fall. It is very normal that everyday we loose 50 to 100 hairs. But some people even started getting bald at a very early age.

As you get older, the rate of your hair growth becomes less and your hair becomes thinner. This is quite normal, but loosing hair when it is not desired, needs proper protection. Some of the very basic things to protect your hair fall are as below

Wash hair with cold water

The most common mistake everybody does, wash their hair with warm water. It is true that taking bath with warm water in winter season is very soothing, but hot water damages our hair. It is advised to wear a shower cap while bathing with hot water. At the end wash the hair with cold water.

Avoid wash frequently

Clean hair is definitely healthy, but daily washing your hair with water can spoil the hair’s cuticles. While cleaning the hair with shampoo, wash it up to the scalp.

Carefully dry the hair

The hair is weakest when it is wet. It is best if you can dry the hair naturally, but always may not be possible. So blot the water from the hair using a towel. Do not twist or ring the hair, you may loose more hair. You can use hair drier but try to limit its use. Otherwise your hair gets too dry. If you have to brush your hair in wet condition, brush it with wide toothed comb.

Choose proper shampoo

Try to use shampoo which uses gentle lathering agent like sodium laureth sulfate, instead of some harsh lathering agent.

Properly brush your hair

Brushing your hair causes blood circulation on the scalp, which causes good growth of hair. But too much brushing is not good. Try to optimize your brushing habit. Also the choice of comb is also very important. Type of comb depends on the type of hair. Like people with thicker, curlier or coarser hair should use wide-tooth comb.


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