How to control Anxiety

anxiety2 Anxiety is a very common and frequent phenomenon to modern human society.  Everybody in today’s world is suffering from anxiety in small or large extent. Anxiety is not an uncommon thing and it is not any new thing. Only thing is that frequency of it increased from earlier days. Anything which scares you is the cause of your anxiety.

Normally people suffer from anxiety, when some true or hypothetical thought are creates some kind of threat to them. The thoughts like “I may fail in the exam”, “I may loose the job” are very common cause for individual anxiety. Some times a group of people can also suffer from anxiety, like a whole country suffering in anxiety for Threat of Terrorist attack.

Anxiety/Panic Disorder
When Fear or worry prevents the normal functioning of brain, it is known as Anxiety or Panic Disorder. The types of disorders are many. Some times the panic attacks can be fatal also.

Causes of Anxiety/Panic Disorders
The causes for Anxiety/Panic Disorders can be various Like Chronic Stress, Continuous depression, External factors related to Service, children education, financial issues etc.

The most important thing in preventing anxiety for an individual is to know his/her ability and to control stress according to that. Trying to overdo something always leads to a situation, where you suffer from anxiety. Some of the very useful practices to reduce anxiety are:

Exercise and healthy diet
Regular physical exercise helps us in easing stress and getting relief from anxiety. Also regular exercise helps us to sleep peacefully, which also releases the anxiety. Diet can also help. Healthy and easy digestable diet prevents the panic attacks.

Meditation is a very scientific process for releasing anxiety and stress. Saints of ancient India realized the positive effects of meditation thousands of years back. Now the Western civilization also accepts the positive effects of it, even in modern lifestyle.

Yoga and Relaxation exercise
Yoga is another thing which is been invented by ancient India. Yoga and relaxation Exercise like “Pranayam” (Deep and controlled breathing) also help to get relief from anxiety.

Self control
Last but one of the important ways to control anxiety is Self control. Most of the anxiety arises from a sense of loosing control over the situation. When somebody understands that he/she is cent percent responsible for whatever happened to their life, he/she will be able to control their life better. It will also prevent them from anxiety.


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