How to control acne from spreading

acnespread Acne is a skin condition that is found to affect adolescents the most. It is a very common condition and gives many a youngsters sleepless nights. According to many surveys and health researches conducted by dermatologists the world over, about 80% of all teenagers have suffered from mild or severe bouts of acne.

It is scientifically called as Acne vulgaris. It is basically caused due to the accumulation of the male sex hormone called androgen in the body. During puberty, this hormone tends to get accumulates in both males and females. For this reason, both boys and girls are found to suffer from acne. There are several modes of treatment to keep acne under control.

In severe conditions, the acne can get inflammatory and give rise to pustules, pimples and red marks on regions like face, forehead, upper chest, back, etc. In such conditions, the affected person must immediately seek medical help instead of simply relying on home-remedies or costly cosmetic products.

Medication includes a series of chemicals to control the hormone imbalance, to stop the oil secretion of the sebaceous glands and some agents to stop the infection from spreading further. Dermatologists may suggest a combination of oral medication that contain retinoids, bacteriacides, antibiotics, etc.

External application in the form of medicated lotions and creams is also prescribed. They may also suggest that the affected person make some dietary changes. He may be advised to drink a lot of water to flush out the excess toxins from the body.

A person who is affected with acne must keep his nails trimmed and must not at any cost, touch the affected region or try to break the pustules. This will only spread the infection. Besides, when you break the acne pustules with your hands, it leaves marks on y


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