How to Consume More Protein if you are a Vegetarian

vegt Many people are becoming vegetarian these days because of the different viral diseases coming from the chicken and muttons. Bird flu is one of the most vital causes that is preventing people from eating chicken. The faith in vegetable food is becoming stronger day by day.

In general, non-vegetarian dishes are considered as the major sources of protein and it is believed that the vegetarian people don’t get sufficient protein through their regular diet. However, it is only a myth and not at all a reality. You can very well consume enough amount of protein through your vegetarian diet.

There are various vegetable products that content high amount of protein. Here are some very useful ways on hoe increase your protein intake through vegetables. Check out the facts and you will certainly be benefitted.

1. To consume more protein you have to increase the amount of whole grains in your daily diet. Whole grains include oats, corns, barley, rice, flour, bread and so on. Whole grains are a very rich source of protein.

2. Soy products such as soy beans are also very good sources of protein. If you believe in a vegetarian diet, you have to depend a lot on these soy products. You can also add tofu etc in your vegetable soups to increase the intake of protein.

3. Not only soy beans, but the beans itself is a very good protein source for vegetarians. So, increase your intake of beans in order to eat more protein.

4. If you are a vegetarian, you can go for vegetable hot dogs and burgers in stead of non-vegetarian ones. These food items contain rich amount of protein in them.

5. Increase the content of cheese and nuts in your diet. Eat more nuts everyday and you will certainly get benefitted as nuts are a good source of protein. Cheese also has great protein value.


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