How to Conceal Your Facial Scars

facialscars Sometimes the pimples and the acnes leave such irritating scars in our face that it looks really odd. Though try a lot to conceal those very much visible spots, they remain there and damage your appearance. However, there are various ways to hide those unwanted scars on your face. You just have to know the right techniques of applying the make up materials.

The process of hiding the spots is very easy and you can do it on your own. It takes not a lot of time; so you can do it before going to a party and look your best. Some of those techniques are discussed below. Check out the details and be benefited.

1. Before going out in the sun you should always clean your skin properly and then apply a moisturizer evenly. Try to use a moisturizer that contains sun protection qualities. Remember that the facial scars get more visible in the sun. So, sun protection lotion should always be applied.

2. Matte foundations are the best way to conceal your facial scars and spots. These foundations are thick in nature and will certainly help you hide those dark spots and acne scars. However you have to apply the foundation very smoothly and evenly so that it gets mingles with your skin universally.

3. You can also apply face primer on your skin before applying other make-up stuffs. Use your finger tips to apply the primer on your face as it will help you to smoothen the primer evenly and apply it correctly on the scars.

4. Concealing creams and lotions are also available in the market that you can use. Those lotions are little thick and you have to use your finger tip to apply the concealer directly on the scars to make the spots hidden and mingles with the rest of the skin color.


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