How to Communicate with the Child in your Womb

cw1 The baby inside your womb is already a member of your family. If you think that your baby will be there with you the day he/she will be born, you are absolutely wrong. It is already a living being inside your womb and should be counted as a family member. Don’t ignore the abilities of your unborn baby. The baby is well aware of the environment inside your womb. May be he can’t see anything, bur that doesn’t mean he can’t feel anything. Your baby inside you can very well hear your voice and even recognize your voice after taking birth. Know the abilities of your baby inside your womb and communicate with him/her even before he takes birth.

Researches show that your baby that is living inside your womb is capable of recognizing the sounds and voices. When you talk to him he listens to it and can also differentiate your voice from others. After he takes birth, he knows his mother’s voice and well aware of his mother’s presence. The bond between the baby and the mother is created long before the baby takes birth. So, talk to your baby more often and respect his abilities. Know that he is listening to you.

Listen to music when you are pregnant. The baby inside your womb listens to the music with you and is also able to recognize the music after taking birth. Researches show that the baby can recognize a tune that he has already heard while staying inside the mother’s womb. He responds to the known music in different ways.

If somebody talks to the baby when he is inside the womb and makes unique sounds or sings a tune, the baby can recognize the voice of the person after he is born. This is a scientifically proven fact.


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