How to Communicate With a Deaf Person

deaf Communicating with a person who is deaf or who has partial hearing problem, is very difficult if you are not an expert in it. Even if you are a close relative or friend of the person, it is not very easy to communicate with such a person. And if you are a stranger to him/her, the task gets tougher. However, there are various tricks to communicate successfully with a deaf person.

You have to learn those tricks if you want to talk to such a person. Some of those tricks are discussed below for your help. Check out the suggestions and tips which are really helpful and make a successful communication with a person having hearing problems.

1. Before you start a conversation with such a person, you have to mentally prepared and have patience. You have to be ready to face some very irritating situations like repeating your words again and again. However, you must not lose your temper.

2. First you need to address the person to get his attention towards you, before saying anything. If he doesn’t hear his name, tap him on his back and get his attention.

3. Then you have to introduce yourself if the person doesn’t know you. If you are a stranger, the introduction really matters a lot. So, disclose your identity and let him know what you are up to.

4. Open your mouth wide and utter every word with patience. Your lips should move slowly while uttering the words. Most of the deaf person can do lip reading. So, you have to give him that chance.

5. Also move your hands making signs while uttering the words. Sign language is the best one for communicating with deaf persons and persons with partial hearing problem. However, sign language is a very easy one. You must learn it from a professional to successfully communicate in the language with a person.


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