How to Communicate in a Foreign Land

flm When you visit a foreign country, sometimes it becomes really tough to communicate with the people if you don’t know their language.

Though many people have a passion to learn new languages, it is not possible for one to know all the languages. Imagine that you are in Italy for some official or personal reason and you don’t have any idea about the Italian language.

In that case what would you do? Communicating with the local people is always very necessary at every step. If you want to eat something, you have to give an order or if you want to know some direction, you have to talk to the local people. However, don’t get tensed, there are lots of ways to communicate with the local people in a foreign land.

Check out the following tips, which will surely help you.

1. While visiting a foreign country, you need to collect some basic information regarding the place. If you know some details about the place, you won’t have to communicate with the local people at every step. To gather information, you can read books on the place or you can also take the help of internet.

2. Always carry a dictionary with you while traveling in a foreign country. Try to learn the common words like “Hello”, “Bye”, “Thank You”, “Which way”, “How much” and so on. Practice saying those common words with your friends and family so that you can use them when required. The dictionary of the particular language of the country will help you a lot.

3. In most of the countries, people know a little bit English. So you can try speaking in clear English to communicate with them. Try to use only the basic English words that are most popular.

4. If the people don’t know English at all, you have to depend on the sign language that universal in any place of the world. You have to make symbols and show the people so that they can understand what you mean.


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