How to communicate effectively?

eco To put in simple terms, the process of conveying or receiving information, opinion, expression, ideas etc from one person to another through written symbols, signs or verbal sounds is called as communication.

The basis of any relationship is communication. Man cannot survive without socialization and this calls for a common means where individuals can express themselves.

Lack of communication is one major cause for straining a relationship – be it between spouses, friends, family members, or professional relations. The underlying causes may be perception, bias, pre conceived notions, attitude, disturbances, noise etc.

An effective communication is when errors are minimized at seven different stages namely message, source, encoding, channel, decoding, receive and feedback. Maintaining a healthy stable relationship is as important in one’s personal life as it is in a professional life.

Every business enterprise has number of employees, managers and business heads who come together to activate the corporate machinery which otherwise would lie dormant.

The following factors must be given due consideration for a successful communication:

Step 1 – Hidden issues must be expressed and sorted as and when they occur to reduce misunderstandings. Being shy or secretive is only going to make matters worse.

Step 2 – Do not bother about what the other person might say or think about you. Rather than pondering over the impending circumstances the best way is to go ahead and confront the concerned person. Rather than fighting over who is right and who is wrong, the best way to patch up is to be open to the other’s views.

Step 3- Share your doubts, apprehensions and expectations with the other person. There is quite a possibility that he or she may not be even aware of your emotions or feelings.

Step 4 – Do not fear the consequences. Keeping your emotions aside, initiate a discussion more logically. Avoid being sarcastic, naïve and over sensitive.

Bhrat Brij

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