How to combat body odor

bodyodor Body odor is a very common problem, but so tricky is the situation that you often fail to communicate it directly to the concerned person. In professional environment, it becomes increasingly awkward if a colleague has body odor, but you just don’t know how to broach the topic.

While the situation becomes all the more unpleasant at professional meetings, luncheons and conferences, no one wants to take it upon himself to ‘bell the cat’. Many a times, people who have a body odor do not realize this themselves and so the problem becomes all the more dicey.

On the other hand, many times body odor has a lot to do with the internal organization of the body and may be a result of some medication, improper diet or illness. In such situations, merely using a deodorant will not come to the rescue of the person. Instead, a visit to the doctor is needed in such cases. A physician can advise some important dietary changes and prescribe oral medication that can lessen the body odor symptoms in the long run.

People who sweat a lot, are physically very active (into sports, etc) or need to work long hours in the field often suffer from body odor problems. The effect of a deodorant wears off in a few hours and so it is important for people who have a hectic outdoor routine to reapply deodorants from time to time.

In case your friend or colleague suffers from body odor, then you can gently bring it to his or her notice. Do not do so in front of others. Do it in privacy and when the moment is right. Explain that though what you have said may hurt, you are doing so only in their best interest. Convince that your feedback was without any malign.


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