How to Collect Coins

coin Looking for an interesting hobby? How about coin collecting? It is interesting and quite a lot of fun. Coins are not only means of purchase but they are also mirrors of ancient history. Through coins you can also learn something about a countries history. So it is educative as well, without being preachy. Here is a guide that might help you to become a numismatist or a coin collector.

What Coins to Collect

There are various types of coins. Governments issue special coins to commemorate a specific day or event. It could be a centenary coin or a coin that celebrates the birthday of a well-known person. You can also collect the currencies of various countries. You can choose your own theme. Some collectors prefer paper notes.


It is always better to have a budget. There are coins that might be too expensive for a beginner. Your budget will help you to stay in the right track. Keeping it small and simple is then right to start a coin collection. You would also find price catalogues very helpful in informing you about the price of particular coins.


Like Rome your coin collection will take time to build. If you want to make a decent collection then you have to be patient. It is important that you do not give up.


The equipments that a coin collector will need include magnifying glass, coin folders, price catalogues, and storage box to keep the coins. A magnifying glass helps in noting down the markings etched on a coin.


This is one of the important parts of coin collection. It is better to store them in a box. There are cardboard boxes that are just perfect for this purpose. It is also important that you should keep a catalogue of your collection. This will help you keep track of your treasures. This catalogue will be of great help if you want to trade your coins in future.

Rules of Coin Handling

The best way to hold a coin is to by its edges. If you want to see them then put them on a piece of clean cloth. This will protect them from any sort of scratches. Avoid too much handling.


You don’t need to clean a coin. This will destroy the texture or “patina” of the antique coins. Patina is the name of the chemical that happens to a coin when it comes under the influence of Oxygen that is present in the air. Remember, it is the dirt and old look of your coin that makes it so valuable.

Start collecting coins and do not forget to read more. The re is no end to learning new things about coin collection.


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