How to Clean Your Computer Mouse

cmu It’s not about the mouse of Tom & Jerry, but the mouse you use while working in your computer. The first one need not be taken care of; rather we all want get rid off that mouse.

However, the computer mouse is a very necessary object. Jokes apart, the computer mouse should be cleaned at regular intervals for better usage.

If the mouse gets dirty from inside, it won’t work properly and will make your work delayed and disturbed. The process of cleaning your computer mouse is very easy and anybody can do this at home. Here are some basic tips on how to clean your computer mouse. Check out the guidelines and maintain your mouse properly so that it lasts longer.

1.    If it is a ball mouse, the ball gets dirty very fast. You have to clean the ball inside the mouse at least once in a week. Fist you have to bring out the ball from the mouse by rotating the ball cap at the bottom of the mouse in a clockwise way.

2.    Now you will clearly see the dusts over the ball’s skin. Take a piece of dry cotton cloth and rub the ball to clean it.

3.    You also have to clean the place where the ball remains. After cleaning it, put the ball in the proper place and then put the ball cap turning it in anticlockwise way. The ball will be locked again.

4.    If your mouse is an optical one, there would be no ball and your job will become much easier. You just have to turn around the mouse and use a cotton cloth to clean the dust from its bottom. If the bottom of the mouse gets catches dust on its skin, the mouse doesn’t move properly making you unable to work. So, whenever you see the mouse is moving slowly, you must clean it immediately.


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