How to Clean your Computer Monitor

monitor Computer has now become a necessity rather than a luxury. At every home there is computer either for the purpose of some professional or business necessity or else for the kid at your home. Yes, in every school children are taught the basic computer skills these days. Without the computer, life cannot be imagined today.

So, you must take care of this machine that is ruling the world. A computer is built with many parts such as the monitor, the keyboard, the mouse, the UPS and many more small parts. The monitor is the wide screen of the computer which displays all the data. You must take care of this monitor and keep it clean for the long life of a computer. Here are some basic tips on how to clean the computer screen or the monitor. Check these out.

1. The first thing you need to do is to check the use manual of the computer. Read the instructions carefully and then follow those suggestions to clean the monitor.

2. You have to select a piece of dry cotton cloth to clean the computer monitor. Any kind of soft cloth will be fine for this purpose. However, avoid using wet clothes.

3. You need to turn off the monitor before cleaning it. Otherwise it could be risky for you as there can be short circuits and accidents. So, to be in the safe side, turn off the monitor.

4. For cleaning the monitor, you can use any fluid. So, spray it a little on the soft cloth and then rub gently on the screen to clean it. However, avoid spraying the fluid near the ventilation wholes as that could be harmful for the computer.

5. After cleaning with the wet cloth, wipe the monitor again with a dry piece of cloth. You can use the same fluid for cleaning the frame of the monitor.


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