How to Clean Up Broken Glass

Don’t let the sight of broken glass turn into your nightmare. Chances are high that when you change a light bulb or keep aside the dishes for a time being, you end up breaking one of them. Not only this, there are so many glass pieces at home we use or have them for show purpose. Sometimes, we may accidentally bump into them and cause them turn into shards. Some common objects in this category that suffer most of this kind of mishap include vases and porcelain urns. You can manage to pick the big broken pieces of any of these. But the real test is to clean up those smaller fragments that can easily hurt our foot, if go unnoticed.

So, if you want to pass this test of cleaning up the small shards of a glass and thereby avoid injury, then learn how to clean up broken glass by going through following points.

Use dry tatter
You should first use a dry piece of tatter to pick the big broken pieces of a glass. It is a good and safe thing to use and avoid injury.

Use broom
After picking up pieces with a dry rag, you should then sweep small fragments to a side with a broom. This process will help you clear small shards that can be seen with naked eyes yet cannot be caught in the rag.

Use wet rag
As soon as you are done with sweeping, get your old piece of cloth wet. Now, use this wet rag or piece to clean the floor or the area so affected. This will help you pick those small bits which cannot be seen or swept aside by the broom.

Use wet cotton balls
This is a last step and not always necessary to follow. But if it is followed, it ensures you full safety and no injury, no blood and no cut. All you need to do here is take a wet cotton ball and move it over the same affected area. This will enable you to get rid of even those smallest bits that are impossible to see.


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