How to Clean the Refrigerator

refr The refrigerator is a very essential thing these days. You keep the foods and different types of vegetables in the refrigerator to keep them fresh for a long time. Today, you cannot imagine your life without the refrigerator.

However, you must keep this essential thing properly cleaned so that your food remains really fresh and the refrigerator lasts for a longer period. If you don’t clean the refrigerator, the inner surface of the fridge will become a mess in few days and the food will start smelling. Here are some very useful tips on how to clean your refrigerator keep it well maintained. Check out the guidelines and follow the simple steps to clean your refrigerator.

1. First you need to turn off the temperature-control knob of the refrigerator and switch off the power. With the power on, you cannot clean the refrigerator.

2. After turning off the power, you have to remove the food items from inside the refrigerator. Keep all the food stuffs outside. If you see any of them smelling, throw it away as soon as possible.

3. Now you have to remove all the loose parts of the refrigerator that can be removed such as the egg shelves, drawers, racks and so on for cleaning purpose.

4. To wash the parts of the refrigerator, you might use light liquid soap and warm water. First you need to keep the parts in the warm water for sometime and then wash them with the mild soap to clean all the food particles and dirt from the objects.

5. Rinse the drawers and racks thoroughly in the warm water and put them on the news papers for drying. Now clean the inside part of the refrigerator with a piece of clothe dipped in the warm soapy water. Clean all the nook and corner of the refrigerator and then pat it dry. Keep the door open for sometime and the inside will dry in few moments.

6. Now you have to fix all the parts of the refrigerator again in the right place. Then clean the outer part of the refrigerator and turn on the power.


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