How to Clean Silver Jewelry

csj Though gold and platinum are preferred as the glamorous metals for jewelry making, silver has its own place in the world of jewelry. Silver jewelry can be very ethnic and stylish if made properly with a classy design. However, silver jewelry turns a little blackish after frequent use.

So, you need to clean it at the right time. Cleaning the silver jewelry is not a very hard task. There are lots of ways to clan it and retain the original glow. Here are some very useful tips on how to clean your silver jewelry at home. Check out these easy steps and clean your jewelry properly to retain their glow forever.

1. Tooth pastes, especially fluoride ones are very effective in cleaning the silver jewelry. Take a little amount of tooth paste and rub it over the surface of the silver jewelry for some time. Then you have to rub it with a soft piece of cotton cloth to get back the shine of the jewelry piece. Tooth paste is also very effecting for cleaning the gold jewelries.

2. Various types of metal cleaners are available in the local markets now a days. These are specially made for cleaning the individual metallic jewelries. You can buy those cleaners for your silver jewelry and get back their original shine in a few moments.

However, don’t forget to clean the dry dust from over the surface of the jewelry before applying the liquid cleaner. The dry dust particles tend to stick to the corners of the jewelry surface and make it look dull and cloudy

3. Chlorine is an element (found in water bodies) that damages silver very fast. So, you should try to avoid wearing your silver jewelry while going to ponds or pools. These are the places where chlorine is found in huge amounts.


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