How to Clean Platinum Jewelry

platinum Jewelry is one of the most precious things for a woman. It enhances your beauty and makes you look more gorgeous. So, you should take care of your jewelries and clean them while required. If you see that your necklaces and the earrings have become a little dull in color, you know this is the right time to clean them.

Different metals need different techniques to be cleaned. If you want to clean your platinum jewelry, you cannot apply the process of cleaning silver jewelry. Here are some very good tips on how to clean platinum jewelry at home and regain the original glow. Check out the suggestions and follow them to clean your jewelry. Enjoy the glow forever.

1. First you need to clear all the dry dust particles from the piece of jewelry. Whether it is a ring or an earring or a necklace, you have to use a soft brush to clean the dust from the surface of the jewelry. If those dust particles are not removed properly, they will stick to the corners of the jewelry making it look dull.

2. Add a few drops of liquid soap in two cups of lukewarm water. Mix them well in a bowl. Now you have to take a piece of soft cotton cloth and dip it in the soap water. Rub the wet cloth gently over the surface of the jewelry and see the lost glow coming back to your jewelry. After cleaning the jewelry, let it dry.

3. You can also use the jewelry cleaners available in the market. Take a soft cotton ball or a piece of cloth and dip it in the cleaner. Clean your jewelry piece with the cotton ball by rubbing it gently on the jewelry surface. Rub it for few minutes and you will see the real glow of the jewelry.


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