How to clean outdoor furniture

Plush outdoor furniture comes pretty expensive. You can’t afford to refurnish your lawn every spring. To make it last longer, maintain it properly. As outdoor furniture is more prone to dust, it demands a regular monthly clean-up.

Water-friendly furniture
Keeping this in view, mmanufacturers generally make it easy-to-clean. Keep the manual handy. Follow manufacturer’s instructions while cleaning the furniture. Mostly outdoor furniture pieces are soap and water friendly. Generally, you can use a pressure washer with 1250—1300psi on low setting for cleaning most of the outdoor furniture.
In addition, take care of points mentioned below during the maintenance of the outdoor furniture:

Wrought iron, steel or aluminum furniture

Metal furniture demands monthly cleaning with mild soapy-water. Unsure they have rust –free or –resistant coating. In case it some rust spots appear, put a coat of paste wax or naval jelly to avoid corrosion.

Wooden furniture

It must have a reasonable coating of an exterior-grade varnish that can be with soapy water. Rinse the furniture with water properly. Cedar and teak furniture can be kept outside during winters, however, if you have some other wooden furniture store it inside during winters.

Wicker furniture

Take off all cushions first, spray off dirt and spills. Put the cushion covers for washing every week. Use pressure washer to clean wicker outdoor furniture. Once a month use mild soap to clean the wicker furniture. Let it dry properly. Then coat it with paste wax, it will make it water-resistant and restore its shine too. During the off-season, keep the wicker frames covered with plastic sheet.

Plastic Resin furniture

Plastic resin furniture is most outdoor friendly as it demands least amount of care. Just spray clean water, wipe it with clean cloth. Now let it dry in open air. In case there are some scuff marks visible, remove it with gentle abrasive. For hard stains use bleach and detergent.


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