How to Clean Gold Jewelry

cleangold Gold jewelry don’t generally get dirty in the exposure to the air and water, however after frequent use, the glow of the gold can become dull. The oil and sweat of your body and the other skin products you apply on your skin gradually snatch the shine of the gold jewelry.

If the design of the jewelry contain some sharp angles, those are likely to get dirtied after a period of time. So, you need to know the techniques how you can get back the glow in the jewelry and make the look like new again. Some of those tricks are discussed below for your help. Check out the useful tips and retain the shine of your gold jewelry.

1. You can clean the gold jewelry with detergent. Take small amount of mild detergent in a bowl and add some lukewarm water in it. Stir them well. Then take a soft tooth brush that you don’t use anymore and scrub the different sides of the jewelry with it for few minutes. Now you have to dry the gold jewelry with a soft piece of cotton cloth.

2. The glow of the golden jewelry can also be retained by the help of turmeric powder. Turmeric is a cooking ingredient that very much available in the households. Take a pinch of turmeric and rub the gold jewelry for some time. Then clean it with a piece of soft cotton cloth and see the magical glow in your gold jewelry.

3. Another way of cleaning the gold jewelry is to use the toothpaste. This is a very old and effective technique of cleaning gold. You have to take a soft tooth brush and put a little toothpaste in it. Now you have to rub the tooth brush on the jewelry in a circular motion. Then dry the gold with a soft cloth.


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