How to Clean Dark Underarms

undrarms Dark underarms are a very common problem among women. It looks really very odd when you wear a sleeveless dress. Whenever you move your hands up, the dark patches get revealed and make’s one feel embarrassed. The common complain is that the dark patches of the underarm don’t get cleaned even after trying hard.

However, there are some tricks to clean the dark underarm and bring a glow like the rest of the skin. Some of those tips are discussed below. Check these out and follow the guidelines.

1. You must wax your underarms on regular basis. Waxing plucks the hairs from the root and that’s why the hair roots get out from under the skin of the underarm. If you shave the hair, the hair roots will still be there under the skin and the skin will look dark. And shaving also increases the dark color of the skin. So, its better to wax rather than shaving. Then again, after shaving or waxing for few times, the growth of the hair get reduced.

2. Apply the juice a lemon with a cotton ball in the underarms. Rub the cotton ball dipped in lemon juice for sometime. Follow this process everyday or at least every alternate day to keep your underarm clean. The lemon juice also makes the skin color lighter and brighter.

3. Another way to reduce the dark patches of the underarms is to bleach them. Bleaching can be done once in a month and not very frequently. Bleaching would make your dark underarms much lighter.

4. You can use a pumice stone to scrub the underarm everyday. Scrubbing is really good for removing the dark patches from the underarms. However, don’t scrub the skin very harshly. Otherwise the skin would get injured. First apply soap on the skin while bathing and then scrub for sometime.


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