How to Clean a Computer Roller Mouse

rol The mouse is an integral part of your personal computer. It is the hand that turns the pages of various programs on. So, it is always important to keep your mouse clean and dust free. However, if you are using an optical scroll mouse then you will need less maintenance. These mice do not get dirty that easily. This article mainly stresses on the cleaning of a roller mouse. Check out the methods of cleaning them.

Switching Off the Power

Your first step would be to switch off the power to your computer and then disconnect the mouse from the CPU. It is also good idea to keep your computer manual handy in case you have one.

Separating the Roller Ball

Now, you can separate the roller ball under the mouse from its place. You can do this by rotating the ball cover. When you get stuck just give the mouse a shake so that ball cover and the ball falls on your other hand. Sometimes even the shake is not necessary.

Clean the Ball

Start cleaning the mouse by cleaning the ball first. Generally it is seen that a ball does not accumulate too much dirt. But do a thorough check to satisfy yourself. Use a soft, and clean cloth to wipe the mouse. Look for dusts, loose hairs on the ball. When it is clean put it in some clean place.

Clean the Rollers

You will find these rollers inside your mouse. There are three such rollers. These are the dirtiest parts of your mouse that needs special care. The dirt from the mouse ball and mouse pad gets attached to the rollers. You can put some cleaning liquids on a cloth and clean the rollers. Make sure that the cleaning substance is ideal for computers. Continue the cleaning process until you the rollers are completely dust free.

You can prevent your rollers from getting dirtied very often by cleaning your mouse pad regularly.


Once the cleaning is done attach the roller ball, and the ball cover to their usual places. Your mouse is ready to be reconnected to the computer.

Reconnecting and Testing

Reconnect the mouse to the computer and switch it on. Next step is to test the mouse. If your mouse is well cleaned then it will have a smooth and easy movement. You can detect it by the movement of the mouse on the pad and by the movement of the cursor on the screen. Make sure the mouse is well connected to the CPU and the ball cover is also well attached. Your mouse would not work in case of a loose connection.

Keep you mouse clean and you will see how well it moves.


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