How to Clean a Burnt Saucepan

Burnt yet another saucepan and wondering if you should throw it away because you can’t clean it? Hold on! There is an inexpensive solution to save that disaster of a saucepan. We have some easy tips for you on how to clean a burnt saucepan.

None of us likes doing the dishes, especially removing the black burnt mess from a saucepan or skillet. Even the coarsest of kitchen scrubbers won’t make much of a difference in cleaning a badly burnt saucepan. Here are some surefire easy methods of cleansing such pans.

1. Pour some coca-cola into the pan, making sure that most of the burnt part is covered by the coca-cola. Now heat the saucepan on high until coca-cola boils. Empty the coca-cola; and hey presto! the burnt parts would wash off right away. Repeat the procedure for stubborn stains.

2. You an easily clean a burnt saucepan which you have accidentally blackened by letting it boil dry. Keep aside the ends and peelings of rhubarb while cooking them. Just boil these up in the burnt pan for some minutes and see the pan come up as clean and shiny as new.

3. To remove badly burnt-on food from a saucepan, pour an egg cup full of washing powder in the pan. Half fill it with hot water and let boil for a few minutes. The burnt food will come off in no time.

4. Even fabric softener does wonders to burnt pans. Pour liquid fabric softener into the pan and let soak in water for sometime. Rinse off after a few minutes.

5. To remove black from the outside and bottom of iron saucepans, wash the pan well in hot water and soda. Then, soap a brush and rub it on the inside of the pan. Mix together some sand and powdered soda and dip the soaped brush into this mixture. Scrub the inside f the saucepan with the brush until turnds quite clean and bright. Rinse off with water and dry with a cloth.

6. You can cleanse a white enameled stewpan in the same way or use salt and sand mixture to remove the stains.


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