How to choose your hairstyle

chs Choosing a perfect hairstyle is important because it changes the way you look.  Choose your hairstyle in such a way that it is easy to manage, and it enhances your personality.  Your hairstyle will also depend upon the texture of your hair and your inclination to keep it long or short. 

It is best to take the assistance of a professional hairdresser to determine how you should wear your hair.  However, you can have a few points in your mind before you decide on the hairstyle.  If you are a person who does not find adequate time to take care of your hair because of a busy and hectic schedule, or if you feel maintaining hair is tiresome, you may opt to have short hair.

If you like to wear your hair open and do not like tying it, you may choose for a short or shoulder length hair.  Keeping long hairs open may be cumbersome due to difficulties of maintenance, damage due to pollution and heat.

The season also can determine the hairdo.  In summers you may like to keep your hair short, so that there is no sweating in the scalp and back of neck due to long hair.  In summers, you may also have to clean your hair regularly and it may be cumbersome if you have long, unmanageable hair.

The shape of your face will also matter while choosing a hairstyle.  For example, if you have an oblong face, shoulder length hair will suit you.  You can wear your hair open and give it a cut that makes it appear fluffy and bouncy.  If you have a round face, a short hairstyle may not be suitable.  Long or atleast shoulder length hair will add grace to your face.

If you have an oval, heart shaped face, any style is likely to suit you.  You can have a very short hair or shoulder length or long hair.

If you have smooth and silky hair, you style it anyway you like.  However, if you have curly, unmanageable hair, you may have to be more selective in choosing your hairstyle.

You can choose from the options the hairdressers suggest you, or browse through fashion magazines to decide your choice.  If you are a person who does not stick to convention or popular forms of hairdressing, you can just go for your own unique style.


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