How to Choose Your Hair Style

hairstyle Everyone does not find styling hair to be an easy job. It can be a real challenge to select a hair style that not only suits you but something that you can also manage properly. Generally, it is the type of hair on which the styling depends because of the differences in thickness, quality, and color. Again different shapes of faces also determine the hair style that will suit a person. Therefore, find out how to choose your hair style and keep in mind the shape of your face before doing that.

Styles for a Round Face

If you have a round face then it is best to choose curls. However, make sure that the curls don’t drop on your forehead or else your face will tend to look round and smaller. You can also keep your hair straight provided you make a central parting. You can make a round face look slightly longer if you cut your hair in layers.

Styles for a Long Face

Those with a long face should avoid making ponytails or tight buns as they make the face appear longer. Stay away from styling gels at all costs and don’t opt for a middle parting. In order to make your face look shorter and fuller you can try fringes. In case you have greasy and fine hair then try certain hair styles that add more volume.

Styles for an Oval Face

For an oval face, you can try straightening, curling, or adding waves to your hair. Ponytails and buns also suit people with an oval face. However, always try out hairstyles in advance so that you are not forced to compromise with the style.

Styles for a Square Face

You should aim to conceal the width of a square face. Therefore, choose a side parting and let some waves fall on the cheeks, reaching up to the jaw line. You should not tie your hair tightly or make a bun.


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