How to choose your clothes

clothes Clothes indicate a lot about you as a person.  It reflects your attitude, taste, care you take about yourself, the importance you attach to your appearance and personality.  Clothes can either flatter your personality or dim it; so the choice of clothes has to be made sensibly.

Use your past experience to select clothes.  Choose clothes that you are comfortable in.  Do not take clothes that you feel look good, but will not feel comfortable wearing.  Choose clothes that you feel you will be able to handle, and genuinely feel like wearing.

Select your clothes depending upon the frame of your body.  Avoid the ‘one shape fits all’ policy.  If you have a plump body, do not wear very loosely fitting clothes, as it may make you look even more plump and unattractive.  Do not choose clothes that make you feel tied up, or restrict your movements.

Your choice of clothes also depends upon the occasion for which you are buying it.  If the purpose is to go for a meeting or interview, you may choose formal shirt/blouse and trousers/skirt, with colours that give a pleasant and confident look.  For parties or social gathering, you could select jeans with bright coloured top or jazzy looking material.  Use a funky band or scarf with it along with trendy accessories.

Your choice should also be guided by the usability and maintenance of the clothes.  Choose clothes that you can wear frequently, so that it becomes a cost effective investment.  You can go for high cost clothes with embroidery and elegance, if the occasion is very special.

Consider if you can maintain the clothes well.  Some clothes require specifically dry cleaning or hand wash, and cannot be washed in the washing machine.  Think if you can afford the time and effort to maintain the clothes in the best way.

Your choice of clothes can also be guided by the nature of work you do, amount of physical labour, and therefore, the kind of material you will choose.  Prefer buying anti-wrinkle material so that the clothes do not look untidy and ruffled.


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