How to choose your career

rc Choosing a career is a dicey but a very important part of life.  A good career gives a feeling of accomplishment, satisfaction, confidence and builds our self image and esteem.  A wrong career move can make you feel disappointed, aimless and frustrated.

The first step in choosing a career is self assessment.  Know yourself.  Note down your strength, weakness, skills, abilities, personality traits and inclination.  Start withyou’re your qualities and write down corresponding job options.  For example, if you are creative, like to write and improve your vocabulary, then you can opt for a job in creative writing, journalism, freelancing and so on.

Browse through the internet to get an idea of existing and upcoming job options.  You may find alternatives you did not know of and may find it interesting.  You could also ask your friends and relatives about the careers they pursue, their job profile, challenges involved in it and the scope.

Before choosing a career, get adequate knowledge about the job profile, responsibilities and challenges it will entail and the working environment.  Assess if you are ready and willing to take up a right  job depending on these factors too.  In the initial stages, you could start with a sector you are comfortable with and explore further with time and experience.

Accept your abilities and limitations while deciding on a profession.  Do not get pressurized by peers, friends and family.  Ask them for guidance; however, decide for yourself.  Do not have unrealistic expectations.

Use the help of a career counselor if you are confused and are unable to make up your mind.  Give mock tests or undergo simulation exercises where your skills for a particular job will be tested and you will be able to gauge for yourself if you should take up the job.  Do not lose confidence or get demotivated if you do not fare well in the tests.

Have a vision and image of your own and work towards it.  Make goals for yourself.  Aim for job satisfaction, fulfillment and do not be very materialistic.  Do not let only money, power, status and glamour guide your decision.  Combine it with self realization, sense of purpose and enthusiasm.


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