How to choose school bag for kids

sba School bag holds a special importance for kids as it one of their prized possessions.  Kids need to the carry the bag everyday, so they would like something very attractive, colourful and also a bag that is comfortable. 

Kids are also in touch with the school bag, whether they are at school or at home.  So a good and trendy bag just makes a child happy.

School bag is also an external object and kids are aware that their school friends may be watching the bag.  No kid would feel happy or confident if he/she feels that the bag is not upto the standards of the bag other kids possess.  Therefore the choice of bag should be such that the kid takes pride in it and does not feel like hiding it from others.  At the same time it must be compact and comfortable.

Ask the kid about the kind of bag he/she wants.  They may have ideas as they look at the bags other kids carry.  They may have a liking to a particular colour, a particular style, design, pictures etc.

You may also check in with stores selling school bags for new styles and attractive patterns that are available these days.  Consult the child when you are choosing the bag.  Take the child along.  Show them the types, colour, material, designs, styles of bags that are available.  Let them make their own choice.

You may also check for basic things like, the bag should have a good grip while it put on the child.  It should be spacious and proportionate to the amount of load the child has to carry.  Consider the number of books, lunch box, snacks box, space for carrying additionally clothes (if the child plays sports at school) etc.

See to it that there are enough compartments for the child to keep his books, tiffin box, compass box, water bottle, umbrella etc inside the bag.  See to it that the bag does not look stuffed and bulging after all these things are inserted into the bag.  It may the make the child very uncomfortable.


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