How to choose outdoor furnishings

Be it a small, cozy outdoor sitting area for two or a grandeur outdoor dinning table, unless furnishings are proper you won’t be able to enjoy the cool breeze in your deck or patio. Squashy hammocks, acrylic cushions and colorful umbrellas lend a lavish look to your patio.

Furnishings with beauty & function

High-performance patio furnishings now incorporate weather-proof resilience with hand-welded and finished with a UV-inhibiting overcoat. Fine outdoor furnishings let you enjoy the pleasant weather for hours in comfort and style. These furnishings should be a perfect blend of beauty and function.


Include a classy-looking umbrella for protection against sun and rain, and to string lights in for evening parties. After being taken out of storage, they require repair. Without timely maintenance and cleaning, else the umbrella will become functionless and look sloppy.

* Oil the frame of the umbrella properly.
* Spray lubricant on the joints.
* Wash the covers using a soft-bristled brush, mild soap and cold water.
* For wooden-frame umbrella, use paste wax to restore its shine.


* Outdoor furniture such as hammocks and cloth chairs should be machine-washed using the gentle cycle.
* Add bleach for white items.
* Hang outside to dry.
* To avoid shrinkage, stretch back over the frame before the fabric is completely dry.
* Frames should be cared for based on the material.
* Store fabric furniture indoors during the winter.


Look for made-for-outdoors seat cushions that resist mildew, sun fading and tearing; filling should be a polyester material that does not absorb water and dries quickly. Acrylic cushions should be removed from the frame before cleaning.

* Spot clean using a sponge, mild soap and water.
* Rinse with clean water.
* To prevent mildew, allow to dry completely before using or storing.
* Some types of cushions are mildew-resistant
* Use bleach, if required.
* When storing, never wrap cushions in plastic.
* Plastic does not allow the cushion to breathe and can cause it to mildew if there is any moisture present.
* Seat- and side- cushions will become too hard and dirty to sit. Different materials require different care and maintenance.


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