How to choose garden furniture

Decorative castings and elegant furnishings can turn your patio into an open-air haven. Especially when the weather is clear and pleasant, sitting outside is a delight. Create enticing outdoor decor with furniture that reflects your style and also stands up to your family’s activities.

What to buy
Create enticing outdoor rooms with furniture that not only reflects your style, but stands up to the elements and your family’s activities. When the weather turns warm and inviting, you want to take it outside. Just like indoor furniture, match the outdoor furniture to your style.

1. Pick your style: First and foremost decide on the style of furniture. There are ample of option, including – traditional Italian piazza, English cottage French cafe’ or modern designs.

2. What suits your pocket: Get realistic and check what fits in your budget. A teak table may range between $250 – $3,000.

3. Material: survey the market online and offline and get a fair idea of material. Wrought iron, aluminum, steel, cane, wooden or plastic resin furniture – select material that well-suits your patio and style.

4. Comfort: Try out the furniture before buying. Make sure chairs and benches are comfortable to sit in.

5. Space: Get a large enough table for your needs and space. A 4-foot (1.2 m) round table seats five people comfortably. Add a comfortable seat or two, such as a pair of armchairs for lounging.

Word of Caution

Cedar furniture:

While selecting cedar furniture, check for rot and insect resistance. They weather to gray, but can be stained or painted for appearance’s sake.

Teak furniture:

Teak offers a classic look, turning to a silver-gray when unfinished.

Wicker furniture:

Wicker makes for good porch furniture, but can be stored outdoors in the winter.

Aluminum furniture:

Aluminum is lightweight and rust-proof, but usually the most expensive of the metal furniture.

Wrought iron furniture:

Wrought iron is heavy and strong, and with an epoxy primer, it’s rust-resistant.


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