How to choose clothes for an interview

cfin Your personality creates the first impression about you.  Your choice of clothes reflects your attitude, effort, interest and importance you attach to your appearance and presentation.

Many times companies inform about the dress code for interviews.  Stick to it. Do not use your creativity to make a statement.  Wear clothes suggested to you, and you can accompany it with matching pleasant accessories and hand bag.

Choose clothes depending upon your comfort.  Do not wear tight fitting trousers or blouse or clothes that make you restless after a point of time.  Do not wear clothes that restrict free movement.

At the same time, do not choose clothes that are loosely fitting and hang on you.  Use a good quality suit that just fits you perfectly.

Wear colours that appear formal and professional.  Soft colours like light pink, blue, green, beige, white, and gray, black, brown are also preferred colours.  The light colours give you a cool, smart appearance and the dark colours give a feel of authority and professionalism.

Iron the clothes before use.  Wear materials that do not get wrinkled easily.  Choose the colour and material keeping in mind the mode of transportation.  Do not wear light coloured clothes if travelling by public transport, as it may get stained by dirt.

Consider the nature of activities you may have to do while choosing the dress.  Also keep in mind, the nature of the organization you are going to.  Wear clothes and colours that are well accepted.

Cut off dangling threads and repair hanging, loose buttons.  Do not wear clothes that are slightly torn thinking that it will not be noticed.

Decide the clothes you are going to wear atleast one day in advance, and try it on a day before the interview to see if it fits you and suits you.

Do not roll up the sleeves of your shirts or fold the bottom of your trousers.


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