How to choose between a laptop and a desktop

laptop-desktop1 Most people face a common dilemma when buying a personal computer; whether to buy a laptop or a desktop. Though the laptop is become popular, the desktop still has some advantages. You will need to analyze your requirements before choosing between a desktop and a laptop.


Do you want a portable computer which you can carry along when traveling? If yes, then a laptop fits the bill. Desktops are stationery computer systems. Nowadays even laptops are getting larger, so you will need to check the screen size and weight before buying one.

Screen size

Desktops come with large screen sizes, although some laptops are coming with screen sizes larger than desktops. But large screen laptops will require associated hardware.

Video and graphics

Desktop motherboards have the capacity to accommodate more graphic cards or ‘chips’, but a laptop does not have that luxury. Laptops don’t have the space to add more expansion capabilities. You could probably carry along a separate device along with the laptop to support an enhanced capability with regard to video and graphics. The laptop is inconvenient for video games. Most users prefer the desktop to it, since the desktop supports other input devices like joysticks, control batons, steering wheels and different kinds of input devices.

Hard Disk

The hard disk of the laptop is hard to replace, unlike the desktop. The inner hardware of the laptop is complex, and not easy to get into. You have to take care to avoid damaging your keyboard or screen. The hard drive of the desktop will generally have more storage capacity, along with having faster transmission rates. Both laptops and desktops have very high speed and storage capacity, but desktops can be expanded and upgraded to suit requirements. This is definitely a plus.

Laptops cost more, because their main Unique Selling Point is portability. Desktops cost 25% to 30% less.


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