How to choose a name for your child?

name Bringing a child into the world is undoubtedly one of the most memorable and enjoyable moments for parents.  Naming your child is an important part of parenting. Even though the bard asked “What’s in a name?”, people are still well known by their names!

When do you start?

Names are often chosen on guesswork and a hope of how the child will turn out. However, as parents you could make educated guesses. It pays to start the process of picking a name as soon as the pregnancy is confirmed. This gives you enough time to go over millions of names and narrow down to a few.

How do you choose a name?

Often, the names of the children reflect parental and family lineage. Thus, a child may carry the same name as their mother or father, or be named after their grandparents. In some instances, the child can carry part of the names of both the mother and the father.  The name may be followed by Jr to indicate the position of the child in the hierarchy.

Meaning or Interst

You could choose a name based on some particular meaning or on certain characteristics of interest. Of course, it would look awkward if the child grows to have a temperament opposite to the name! You could choose a name based on a season, a mood, flora or fauna. These choices may indicate some association with the name. For instance, the name Jasmine or Rose can indicate fragrance, sweetness, or beauty!


You could choose a name rooted in history or from some exotic languages. Names of mythological characters, religious or spiritual persons, and names derived from ancient languages are common. You could also choose a name that has no particular meaning and is just a mix and match of letters.

Either way, use the opportunity of choosing a name to bond with your partner.

Resources available to choose a name

There are several resources available to choose names. Several books and resources on the internet provide names for males and females. These resources provide the etymological basis for the names too. Your parents, family, friends and even strangers can suggest names

How do you narrow down on a name?

Spare a thought for the child and think over if you would like to be called by that name. Names that can give rise to cruel or nasty puns are a strict no-no.  Try calling out the name loudly. When you want to call your child in for dinner, the last thing you need is a long winded or difficult name that makes you catch your breath (given that you may have shout quite often before the child comes in!


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