How to check fire safety at the workplace

ff We spend most of the time at a workplace or a work location. Even these places are susceptible to be harmed by fire accidents. A lot of people lose their lives every year due to firebreaks at the workplace. These unsuspecting people are victims of negligence on part of the organization or the infrastructure vendors.

Although fire prevention measures have been established, employees seldom have adequate knowledge on it. The first step to removing this illiteracy on safety is to have an agenda to create awareness among them. Awareness leads to action, and action will lead to saving lives.

There are some things about a workplace that one needs to inspect in order to guage the safety level.

Fire Exits

Check if your workplace has atleast two escape routes or fire exits to use in an emergency. The fire exit doors should ideally be easy to open. They should never be locked. In some companies fire exit doors are locked; they open only after being triggered by the fire alam system.

All escape / exit pathways should be easy to traverse. All professional organizations put up a building plan on the walls of the building, so that employees can view it to get an idea of the layout of the building.

Fire Extinguishers

The company should have fire extinguishers at strategic places. For example next to the server rooms or fire door. The employees should undergo a training on how to use fire extinguishers. They should also be briefed on the hazards of fighting fire, and the techniques of providing emergency assistance to trapped employees during firebreaks.


Sprinklers are fire suppresion systems that automatically sprinkle water when fire breaks in the workplace. They are usually put into the ceiling, but this again varies in location, size and use. These systems detect fire, shoot of an alarm and jet out water on the exact fire and heat location.


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