How to change the tire of the car?

changetyre And if you wish to keep your car from repair then follow the step by step guide to do so.  The very first thing that you need to take care is chaining your car regularly so as to keep it away from dust and dirt that may enter your car engine and block proper functioning of your car.  It is necessity to take precautions then to pay money to repair your damaged car.  In this article of it and you how to change a tire of your car if some problem persists with it.

Step one

In order to repair the puncture tire of your car try to stabilize it on a flat ground.  Make sure that the car is not running behind in neutral gear.  If so then place a brick or stone behind tire so as to stop it from falling down.

Step two

You need to have a spare tire to replace the puncture tire.  Put the jack below the car near the tire frame that you wish to change.  Take care in that the jack is placed beneath the metal surface for it and break the plastic body of the car.

Step three

Lift the car up and take off the hub cap and start taking out the nuts by loosening them by rotating them counterclockwise.  Take out the tire and replace it with the extra piece you have in your car.  It is necessity that you keep the fixed a piece of tire handy with you when you are removing the punter tire.

Step four

The fitting the extra tire in case off the puncture tires in the same as your removed it.  Now place in the nuts in their right place and start tightening them by rotating anticlockwise.  To make it fit properly you must ensure that you tighten the nuts properly.

It is the flat tire back in your car and gets it repaired so as to keep an extra piece for the next time if the same problem persists.  The new models of the car for having your tires that are resistant to punctures.  All you need to do is get them inflated then you feel that they are not working properly.

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