How to change the ink ribbon of a typewriter?

typewriter Computers and internet have considerably reduced the utility of typewriters nevertheless their usage cannot be ignored in totality. They continue to be widely used for printing forms, envelopes, labels or legal documents.

Typewriters are of two types – manual and electric. These equipments use ink for casting an impression of the characters so typed on paper. While typing if you come across prolonged fading hue in the subsequent characters, it is about time to change the ink ribbon or the cartridge as the case may be. With spool ribbons you have the option to reuse the same spools by tossing it the other way round in their respective holders.

With the passage of time the ink tends to run out and one has to replace them with new ones. Electric typewriters have ink filled in cartridge ribbons while manual ones come with spool ribbons.

The whole process of replacing ribbons may just take 15 to 20 minutes. Refer to the manual if you happen to have one. There is no need to worry even if do not have one. The procedure is fairly simple once you read the instructions given below:

Step 1 – Raise the upper portion of your typewriter.

Step2 – You would see the cartridge or the spools neatly placed in the hollow space behind the keyboard. Carefully remove the spool ribbons manually from each of the two sides – right and the left. Incase of the electric ones, press a lever and pull out the cartridge.

Step3 – Keep these on one side. Get the new spool ribbons or cartridges and insert them gently into the same spot. Snap down the cartridge to set in firm in its holder.

Step4 – for the spool ribbon thread it within the metal frame situated right in the front part of the paper roller.

Step5 – Shut the top.
With this you are all set to type once again.

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