How to change the format of photo shop files to jpg images?

psh Photoshop is software where in we can make necessary changes to a picture to make it look more appropriate and beautiful. Today a wide use of Photoshop is made in photography.

Photographers utilize photo shop to removes various flaws and spots from the face and make it look flawless.

You can also set the contrast and brightness of the picture. Not only has this photo shop also helped to change black and white pictures into colored ones. Also web developers have variety of uses of photo shop.

You cannot open the Photoshop files in computers without the photo shop software. So if you want to send your pictures to your friend or want to use it in background then you need to have it in JPG format. In this article you will learn how you can convert your Photoshop picture in to a JPG format.


Step 1

While working in a photo shop when we save the files we have worked on or brought in changes. It is by default saved as photo shop files and can be opened only on the PC’s installed with photo shop software.

Step 2

In order to open the files in other PC’s and to use the picture as a desktop background you need to change its format.

Step 3

Open the picture in the photo shop, in the menu bar, click file and choose save as option.

Step 4

As soon as the window pops up you will see the first bar asks for the name of the file and the second bar gives you the choice of formats. Choose the JPEG option in the format option and save the image. Now you can use it as regular JPEG image. The picture is now available in JPG format and can be used to set in the background as well.

Bhrat Brij

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