How to celebrate Easter

cea Easter is a day when you have so much to do. It is the first Sunday after the Paschal Full Moon. Christians believe that Jesus was resurrected three days after his crucifixion.

This day is celebrated as Easter Sunday. Right from catching up with family, cooking homely meals and celebrating — the day is full of fun. Here’s how you can celebrate Easter to make the most of it.

Bake a Simnel cake: What’s Easter without baking a special Simnel cake? You might get it from the neighbourhood baker, but baking it on your own for the family is something special. Bake a cake with a rich icing of marzipan.

Do not forget to make the marzipan balls and decorate these on the periphery of the cake. These eleven balls symbolize the eleven true Disciples of Christ. Many people also keep a marzipan ball in the centre to symbolize Jesus.

Make Easter bunnies: You can make edible Easter bunnies using marzipan. For this, you must grind 200 gm almonds to very fine flour in a mixer. Add 100 gram sugar to this powder and grind again. Beat the egg white of two eggs.

Slowly add this egg white to the almond-sugar mix and knead fine dough. Microwave for a minute, let it cool and bind the dough again. Shape this as a bunny rabbit. You can dip these bunnies into melted chocolate and cool in the fridge.

Organize a treasure-hunt: You can have some real fun by organizing a treasure hunt on an Easter Sunday. Hide small gifts in socks at different places in the house. Mark each hiding place with a clue and ask you kids to find out all the gifts you have hidden for them. The gifts can be goodies like chocolates, hair clips, earrings, balls, hand videogames, etc.


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