How to celebrate children’s birthday

chp Children feel very excited about their birthday year after year.  They feel special and want to be loved and pampered.  Birthdays are for enjoyment, fun and merry making; and the memories of a birthday well celebrated lasts with them forever and makes them happy.

Surprise your child in the morning by gifting them something they wanted to have since a long time.  Keep it a secret from them till the birthday.  Shop with your kid and buy clothes that they would love to wear.  Buy them the latest game or toys.  For those of you having kids fond of animals, gift them a puppy on the occasion.

Discreetly decorate the child’s room with balloons, posters and banners wishing him/her a happy birthday.  Wake them up wishing them happy birthday with songs and surprise them with their newly designed room.

Hand them a packet of chocolates to distribute to children and teachers at school.  You can arrange a small party, inviting their best friends at home.  Light up the candles, and spread out the balloons randomly on the floor.  Give caps and cartoon masks to children.

Play songs that are popular with kids and arrange the room in a way that kids can dance and enjoy.  Order the cake your child loves, fruit drinks and food that are liked by children.

Alternatively, you can plan a party at a hall and appoint professional party organizers to arrange fun games, music and providing eatables.

Ask the child what he/she wants to do for the birthday.  They may like to take their friends to a restaurant or watch a new movie.  Allow the child to take forward the idea.  Tag along with them, watch over them, but do not interfere with their manner of enjoying.

If the birthday falls during your child’s vacation, use the time and occasion to visit an exotic place and an enjoyable holiday destination.

If your child is inclined towards music, gift him/her the instrument and enroll them for music classes so that can learn and enjoy playing music.


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