How to Celebrate a Birthday on Easter

Is anyone’s birthday is falling on the same day as Easter in your family? Well, if two such important event dates clash with each other, then what are you going to do? Have you ever thought of this? Definitely you cannot overlook one for the other. Both the events are important and deserve special preparation. So if this is the scenario, you really need to work out an interesting plan. Don’t be upset, if this seems a tough task to you. Here are some great tricks that will prove beneficial to you.

How to celebrate a birthday on Easter:

1. When 2 such important events fall on same day, it is better to deck your home without following any theme. Just go by the liking of the person who has birthday on that auspicious day. Adorn your home with colors which the birthday person likes the most. You can also use balloons and streamers for decoration. However, make sure that you do not go overboard with these decorative items.

2. The first point covered the birthday part. Now, come to the Easter part. Egg is an integral item of this event. So how is it possible to have Easter celebrations without thinking of eggs? You need to collect eggs and color them. Get 2 large size baskets too. You can place items like grass, eggs, candies, chocolates, marshmallow eggs and jellybeans in the basket. Once the baskets are ready, you can keep them in kitchen or in your living area.

3. Now on the day of celebration, you all should call the person of the day for cake cutting ceremony. Sing the birthday song while he or she is cutting the cake and wish him or her luck and happiness on birthday/ Easter.

So, if anyone in your family is having his birthday on an Easter day, then don’t bother and get down to the job. Both these celebrations can be enjoyed and planned in sync.


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