How to care for your pet dog during summer

pett Pets also tend to feel the heat and humidity during summer just as we do.  Pets need more water to maintain the body temperature.  See to it that the pet consumes sufficient amounts of water throughout the day.  Keep refilling the water bowl as and when you find it empty.  While travelling, carry a bottle of water for the pet too.

Pets may tend to wander towards pools or puddles for water.  Keep an eye on the pet so that it does not drink the water, as it may contain bacteria or chemicals harmful for the pet.

Going for a swim is a good option for cooling the body.  Swim during the morning or evening time.  Be with the pet and do not leave them in the pool unattended.  After using the pool, secure it or be careful to see that the pet does not enter it on its own.

Going to the beach can also be helpful.  Again go in the morning or late evening when the sun is down.  After bathing in the salty water, rinse the pet thoroughly in fresh water and dry it.  Or else, the skin tends to accumulate dust and may also lead to growth of germs due to humidity.

Keep the pet in a shady and windy place.  Do not allow the pet to loiter around in the sun.  Arrange a wooden house to be made for them with light bedding, and place it under tree shade.  Alternatively, you can keep the dog within the house during afternoon.  Be cautious to not leave the pet inside the car, since it gets heated up quickly and the temperatures soar to high degrees.

Take care about their diet.  Feed your pet food that is cooling.  If possible avoid giving them non vegetarian food, especially meat, during the day.  Take them for physical exercises.

Check for symptoms of heatstroke like increased heartbeat, panting, vomiting, and take the pet to your vet immediately.


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