How to care for sensitive skin

sensitive Maintain your skin by following good quality care.  Do not touch the skin, especially the facial part frequently.  Wash your hands thoroughly before touching your face, so that the unseen germs or dust does not get passed on to the skin.

Wash your face twice a day.  Do not wash it too frequently, as it may drain the essential minerals off the skin.  Use a face wash meant for sensitive skin.  After washing your face, do not rub it with the towel, or wipe the face.  Dab it gently with a soft towel or napkin.

Do not share your towel with others, as your skin may get affected by the dirt, or chemicals from the face wash used by them.  Wash your towel daily using a good detergent.  Keep it in a clean place.

Use products that are meant for sensitive skin.  Do not use harsh soap or face wash.  Maintain consistency in the products you use.  Do not experiment with new products that come up in the market.  Use a moisturizer or sunscreen while stepping out in the sun.

Use oil free products.  Also, use products that do not have extra chemicals for fragrance.  If possible, avoid using make up.  However, if you have to use it, use good quality make up and apply it lightly.  Again go for oil free products.  Use herbal or organic products rather than chemical ones.

Cleanse or tone your skin regularly.  It will help you to clean the pores and prevent further damage to the skin.  You can also use a medicated soap or solution for cleaning.  Consult a dermatologist before choosing the solution rather than buying over-the-counter products without prescription.

Eat food rich in vitamin A, E and C.  Consume more fresh fruits and vegetables.  Drink atleast 8 glasses of water daily.  It helps in flushing out  toxins from the body.


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