How to care for our environment

enviorement Our environment has seen deterioration over the past few decades.  Unsustainable development has led to depletion of resources, scarcity of power and water, pollution, global warming and natural disasters on a large scale.  To preserve the environment and conserve nature, we can take few steps at our individual level.  Small initiatives will also go a long way in saving our environment. 

Limit the usage of plastic as it is non-biodegradable, and cannot be destroyed easily.  The more plastic we generate, the waste we are creating.  After use, send the plastic cans, bottles etc for recycling so that the same material can be used to produce goods.  It will help in reducing the quantity of plastic produced.

Similarly, keep a check on the electronic waste generated like, radio sets, television sets, spare parts of automobiles and computers, discarded mobile phones and so on.

Use products that are made of recyclable material.  Thinking creatively and make the best use of wastes like clothes (coloured clothes can be used to make a mosaic or wall hanging), unwanted crockery sets, straws etc.

Go green.  Plant saplings in your surroundings.  At the same time do not pull out or cut off trees for bonfires.  Take up gardening activities and keep your surroundings clean and green.

Limit the consumption of paper, since trees have to be cut for paper pulp.  Think twice before taking out printouts of emails you receive.  Do not waste paper.  Give away used paper, newspaper etc for recycling.

Limit the usage of air-conditioning, microwave and high energy consuming devices.  Refrigerators, ovens and cooling systems also generate gases unfit for environment.  Use power saving bulbs and lighting systems.  Make use of developments in technology.  Use solar powered batteries, lighting systems and heaters.

Use modes of mass transportation rather than using your own vehicle for daily travelling.  Or you can form a group with people going to the same place for work and can share vehicles.  This will tremendously reduce the harmful carbon emissions and also save depletion of fuels.

Take part in cleanliness drives and help the civic authorities in maintaining cleanliness.  You can also become a volunteer with NGOs working on environmental issues and undertake awareness generation campaigns.


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